@ It is believed Sadasumi Tsubokawa, who was a high ranking samurai and the founder of the family in the 13th century, was responsible for guarding the former Emperor's residence.
Almost 700 years ago, Tsubokawa moved his family to the area. It is said that the head of the Tsubokawa family lead the seven families that controlled the village until it was incorporated into Maruoka city in modern times. While papers relating to the construction and establishment of the Tsubokawa family home have not been uncovered, several structural factors illustrate that the home was constructed in the Middle Ages: it lacks a drawing room, pillars and rafters were apparently cut with a blunt-edged hand ax, three matabashira were used, etc.; such characteristics were not to be found in average homes of the region, thus the Tsubokawa family home is important, not only this region, but also for the country as a whole. In 1966 the national government designated the Tsubokawa family home as an important cultural property, in 1968 it was dismantled for repair, and in March of following year it was restored to its original state.

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